Creating books that inspire people to create

Anna Bonarou is the author of activity books for children and adults. Although she followed a heterogeneous path of acquiring academic knowledge (a choice which is often criticized as anti-careerist), each step offered her an invaluable experience.

By completing her studies in architecture, Anna learned to articulate her ideas using the graphic language of technical drawing and eventually became passionate with the magic and accuracy of geometric drawing. After acquiring significant teaching experience in several art & design schools, she gained a postgraduate diploma in Education (M.A.Ed). From her involvement in education, she realized the role of creative activities in the development and happiness of people of all ages.

Anna has studied again as a Ph.D. researcher on Social Anthropology of arts and crafts in the last few years. Social anthropology taught her to identify with all forms of human expression, not just those art forms that are considered high culture. This includes repetitive patterns, decorative motifs, and ornamentation.

Anna believes that people enjoy making things themselves more than buying readymade products. This is why, she has created activity books – mainly in the area of arts & crafts – so that people can get creative!

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