Coloring is an authentic form of collaborative art.

Coloring Pages have long been regarded as a form of mechanistic activity suitable only for small children. The grown-up colorists, although are considered as having some skills, yet they are perceived as lacking the talent of a true artist.

From the point of view of high-brown art, coloring seems to be nothing more than an activity of filling some readymade shapes, and as such, it is placed in the realm of mere “technique” or “copying”. So, as an art activity it is underestimated.

However, the popularity of coloring pages among grown-ups is a fact that cannot be denied. Today, there are many more people that are interested in popular arts and “DIY culture” that visiting galleries and art museums. This, certainly indicates than for many people what really matters is not the originality of high art but the enjoyment of making something with your own hands and your own personal taste.

The contemporary phenomenon of coloring books reveals that most people understand themselves as creatives and not as consumers of someone else’s art. So, the role of a coloring book illustrator is not only to exhibit his/her own talent and style, but also to offer the opportunity to the colorists to express themselves creatively and to find their own style too. Each coloring book, is a co-working between the designer of linear images and the colorist who enlivens the black and white images with his/ her color pallet.

The act of coloring is not something naïve. On the contrary, it requires good knowledge of color, patients, and skill. In other words, the real artist is not only the illustrator but also the colorist. So, we could claim, that coloring pages and books is not the product of an individual artist but the product of a creative collaboration, it is an authentic form of collaborative art.   

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