Etsy – one of the best marketplaces to get digital coloring books.

Coloring pages can be found in both printed and digital form. It is true that most people who enjoy coloring prefer to buy paper books, especially if they want to keep their coloring pages bound and organized. However, in recent years there has been a rise in people printing coloring pages at home. This isContinue reading “Etsy – one of the best marketplaces to get digital coloring books.”

Coloring is an authentic form of collaborative art.

Coloring Pages have long been regarded as a form of mechanistic activity suitable only for small children. The grown-up colorists, although are considered as having some skills, yet they are perceived as lacking the talent of a true artist. From the point of view of high-brown art, coloring seems to be nothing more than anContinue reading “Coloring is an authentic form of collaborative art.”